If you have a grand piano
Plus a warm room, you need
one of these.
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Room Humidifier to help protect your grand piano.


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Hot dry air /central heating effects the tuning stability

of your piano, this inexpensive humidifer is highly

recommended to help protect your instrument .

Helps humans too ! Cleaner fresher air.

Underfloor heating Please consult us immediately

for advice, underfloor heating, without proper protection

can quickly and seriously damage pianos upright & grand.



Heaters and Humidifiers

Excessive heat, cold and damp can seriously damage your piano. We offer a range of inexpensive products designed to minimise the risk to your instrument.

HM1 Piano Humidifier

An inexpensive, yet effective means of replacing moisture in dry conditions.




HT1 'Dampp Chaser®' De-humidifier

Gentle heat keeps damp away. Models for both grand and upright pianos available.